The Winter Vortex Has Arrived!

Here we go - the Winter Vortex has arrived in a quick cold rush!  And if you live where we do, this is the earliest cold front to hit Texas in 17 years - are you ready??  It seems like last just last week I had on flip flops and short sleeves, and as … [Read more]

On the Go…Feeling Nutty????

Often times, we spend so much time on the go that we forget to take care of the A1 #1 - ourselves! We are running around and so busy that we just totally forget to eat. When time is limited, keep in mind how important it is for us to keep ourselves … [Read more]

You Could Actually Make Money….

Yes, depending on which program you decide to purchase or participate in from us, you could come out ahead when you get a $60 value from Flywheel in Plano, TX.  The studio is AMAZING, and I wish I lived closer so I could go everyday!  They take care o … [Read more]

Homemade Macadamia Cashew Milk + A Bonus!

I'm lazy when it comes to food and drink prep.  I have a LOT of things to squeeze into a day, just like most other people (especially moms!).  So, am I going to make almond milk then strain it through cheese cloth to remove all of the unprocessed p … [Read more]

The Holiday Survival Kit

Already purchased?  Click Here. Wanna enjoy the holidays but stay HOT and HEALTHY? Get our Holiday Survival Kit.   Holiday Treat Recipes that Won’t Go Straight to Your Thighs Delicious Holiday Cocktails Recipes Holiday Survival Tips fo … [Read more]

Cheesy Spa-RAW-tti

Growing up and through my college days, I loved  Mac & Cheese and  spaghetti ( with lots of cheese on it). What can I say, I was a cheesy noodle junkie- the cheesier...the better.  So I am always trying to find new and yummy ways to re … [Read more]

Fall is the Time to Balance Hormones

This was in my inbox today, and it really confirms that although the holidays are "the most wonderful time of the year", chances are, we won't be feeling energetic, social or cheerful if we don't start making healthier choices now.  We address … [Read more]

Lemon Crunch Almond Protein Bars

Courtesy Jennifer H. and Arbonne On my last girls' weekend trip, a friend brought these, and we basically trampled all over one another to get to them every morning.  I'm not kidding.  These things are good!  You could probably use any protein pow … [Read more]